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About Us

The Wood-Ridge Fire Department Emergency Squad is a branch of the WRFD and has been providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the borough of Wood-Ridge and surrounding communities since 1937.
The day to day operations of the Emergency Squad are managed by EMS Captain Dennis Kronyak III, EMS Lieutenant Nicholas Riccio and EMS Lieutenant Adam Mahdy,
The WRFD Emergency Squad utilizes two ambulances (EMS 906 & EMS 907) to answer medical calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using an all-volunteer force and responds to over 900 EMS incidents a year. Some firefighters are members of the Emergency Squad and are trained to Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) levels. The WRFD also has EMS only members who are certified EMTs.

History of the WRFD Emergency Squad

The Wood-Ridge Fire Department Emergency Squad was organized in February, 1937 when a group of firemen began taking first aid classes under the guidance of Everett Shorter of Carlstadt. Upon completion of this course, they proceeded to raise funds with which to purchase an ambulance. After considerable hard work, they secured an old Pierce-Arrow ambulance which they renovated and painted and then turned over to the borough. The first call was answered that very day. The first election in February, 1937 resulted in the following slate of officers: Captain - William Fowler; 1st Lieutenant - Ernest Rohlfs; 2nd Lieutenant - John Scott; Secretary/Treasurer - William Kour. In 1940, the ambulance began to show considerable wear and a request to the borough for a new ambulance was made. The question of purchasing the new ambulance was placed on the ballot and the people voted for this purchase by a large margin. In 1941, the Emergency Squad received a new Cadillac ambulance which was equipped to carry two patients, if necessary. In 1955, a new Cadillac ambulance was purchased to replace the 1941 Cadillac. This unit had a four patient capacity. 1967 saw the third Cadillac ambulance placed in service, replacing the 1955 Cadillac. In 1975, the first modular ambulance began serving the borough. The unit was a Horton modular unit placed on a Chevy chassis. In 1986 this unit was completely refurbished. The modular unit was redone and placed on a new Chevy chassis. In 1991, a new Ford / P&L Custom modular ambulance was placed into service. In 1997, a used 1989 Ford / P&L Custom modular ambulance was placed into service as second rig. This unit was replaced in 2000 with an American LaFrance / Medic Master ambulance. January 2005 saw the retirement of the department's last Type III ambulance with the second American LaFrance / Medic Master Heavy Duty Type I ambulance (2004 model) taking its place. The 2004 American LaFrance Medic Master ambulance was replaced in June of 2019 with a 2019 Ford F450 Road Rescue Type 1 Ambulance.

2019 Wood-Ridge EMS Officers

Meet our Leadership Team

Dennis Kronyak III

[email protected]
Office Number 201-939-4411

Dennis has been an E.M.T. since 2015, and served as a Lieutenant for one year before moving up to Captain in 2019. Dennis also is a Fire Department member and usually acts as the Chauffeur when responding to fire calls. Although he originally started out as only wanting to respond to emergencies for the Fire Department, after attending EMT school and furthering his pre-hospital skills he decided to take a larger role in EMS. Dennis has been a member since August of 2010 and is currently employed by the Borough of Wood-Ridge on the D.P.W. which allows him to respond to emergencies during the day.


Nicholas Riccio

Nick has been an E.M.T. since 2017 and was installed as an EMS Lieutenant in January of 2019. Nick has been a dedicated member of Duty Crew since its inception and normally has one of the highest Crew percentage every month. Providing top notch patient care has always been his priority and regularly attends calls during all hours of the day and night while teaching his skills to other members and learning skills from them as well. Nick has been a member of the Department since July of 2015. Like Dennis, he is also employed by the Borough of Wood-Ridge and answers emergencies during the day.  

Adam Mahdy


Adam has been an E.M.T. since 2016 and was installed as an EMS Lieutenant in January of 2019. Adam brings a unique perspective to our department by being a career E.M.T. who regularly deals with a number of different and challenging calls that we do not always get in our small town. His experience allows him to teach other members of our department about issues that some of us have only read about in our E.M.T. books. He acts as a great resource for all of our members and is an important member of our team. As Lieutenant Adam was tasked with recruitment and retention and spear headed a program that will bring an after school program to our school system that will engage our community and provide life saving information and skills to the younger citizens of Wood-Ridge. Adam has been a member of the department since July of 2017. 

Past Captains of the WRFD Emergency Squad


William Fowler 1937
Ernest Rohlfs 1938
William Fowler 1939-1940
William Kour 1941-1942
John Scott 1943
Ernest Rohlfs 1944
Richard Klein 1945
Frank Norton 1946-1947
John Scott 1948
John Molitorris 1949-1950
Philip Algozzini 1951-1952
Fred Roes 1953-1954
Kipp Waterhouse 1955
Thomas MacDonald 1956-1957
George Sesselman 1958
Robert Pierce 1959-1960
Edward Sullivan 1961
William Pinckney 1962-1963
Robert Brehm 1964-1966
Allen Andersen 1967
Rudolph Pettineo 1968
Harold Fink 1969-1970
George Adelung 1971-1972
Ronald Phillips 1973-1974
Norman Pettersen 1975-1976 
Robert VanHorn 1977
Bernard Drake 1978
Stephen Sarracino 1979
John Cherichella 1980
Timothy Sullivan 1981-1983
John Morreale 1984
Zachary Freda 1985
Eugene Tatur 1986-1987
Thomas Sarracino 1988-1991
William Tyrell 1992-1993
Jeffrey Cosgrove 1994-1995
Robert Jones 1996-1997
Gregory Gorab 1998-1999
Elizabeth Ferry 2000-2001
Gregory Gorab 2002-2003
Dennis P. Kronyak, Jr. 2004-2005
Andrea Maloney 2006
Dennis P. Kronyak, Jr. 2007
Richard Keller 2008-2009
Frank Materia 2010
Gregory Gorab 2011-2012
Eric Yaple 2013-2014
Anthony Pennisi 2015
Dennis Kronyak III 2016
Eric Yaple 2017-2018