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Ambulance 907

Ambulance 907 is a 2019 Ford F-450 Road Rescue Type 1 Ambulance. We took delivery of this unit in June of 19, and put it in service on July 1. Our ambulance committee which consisted of Chairman Eric Yaple (two time Ex-Captain), Chief Elizabeth Ferry, Captain Dennis Kronyak III, Michael Donato (EMS Lieutenant at the time), and EMS only member Iara Carrizo. Our committee worked for over a year to design an ambulance that focused on not only Patient care, but cater to the specific needs of members and other agencies that operate the back of our rig. We appreciate their hard work in designing (in our opinion) the best ambulance around!


A Ford F-450 front cab, with a Road Rescue UltraMedic box is a new and exciting add to our fleet. With many features that we didn't have the option of on our older ambulances, including four wheel drive. As those who live in the area know, winters can be especially brutal in Southern Bergen County. With our old ambulances we rely on tire chains to provide traction, which along with limiting the functionality of our ambulance in light snow, it also provides a sub par ride for the patient. Now with four wheel drive, we have the ability to power through the snow without using chains and compromising the ride for the patient.  
A new addition is our "Cool Bar", which is specific to Road Rescue ambulances. This bar allows the patient compartment to remain cool even in extremely hot temperatures. With the screen mounted in the back patient compartment and front cab to control the temperature, it has no problem keeping the patient compartment below 70 degrees in temperatures above 95 degrees. It also provides a convenient place to house our Box Lights replacing the standard roof mounted light bar. 


Our Patient Compartment was specifically designed with angles on the cabinets to ensure that our members have room to move in the back of the ambulance. We have also streamlined each individual cabinet with supplies that correspond with the seat closest to them. For example, from the Captains Chair, which is the seat used in critical patients, we have placed all of the airway supplies in the cabinet directly next to the seat so it is easily accessible. 

Safety Restraints

In our new ambulance compliant with the most recent Triple K spec that governs ambulances, installed are safety restraints that have 4 belts connected by a single clip. These safety restraints allow you to buckle up in the back of the ambulance, while still maintaining the flexibility to work on the patient. These harnesses allow you to extend into a hunched over position over the stretcher, and in case of an accident pull you back into the seat to help avoid serious injury.  

Work Desk

With the design of our new ambulance, we wanted to create a specific spot where on the way back to the call, or while standing by, there is a space to complete paperwork. Our Getac F110 Tablets have been mounted both in the back of the rig on the work desk, and there is also another tablet in the front of the ambulance. Along with a WiFi hotspot mounted in the ambulance ensuring that we have connectivity when we need it. 

Ambulance 906

Ambulance 906 is a 2000 American LaFrance / Medic Master ambulance.

Type 3 Truck Front Ambulance

Ambulance 906, formerly known as 907 before the delivery of our new piece of apparatus. This ambulance provides service to the town, and has done so for the last 19 years.