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Incentive Program

Volunteering your time, while earning an incentive for helping out

About three years ago, the Wood-Ridge Emergency Squad began instituting an incentive program to help recruit and retain volunteers. 

About the Incentive Program

Our incentive program operates on a set of guidelines that ensure, provided certain requirements are met, you receive a base incentive of 120 dollars per month and are paid once per quarter.

Incentive Requirements

In order to qualify for the month you must complete a minimum of 12 six hour shifts. This however does not limit you to 12 shifts, each additional shift that you pick up will add an additional 10 dollars per shift to your incentive bonus for the week. You must however answer all calls that come in on your shift, otherwise you loose credit for it. 

Call Bonus

For each shift that you ride, a "transport bonus" applies, for each Ambulance call you take that requires you to go to the hospital an additional 10 dollars per transport is added to your incentive total for the month. 

Standby Bonus

Throughout the year, our department does a number of standbys for our Town. This includes but is not limited to, Football Game Standbys, Keep Wood-Ridge Beautiful, Town Day, Food Truck Festival, and various other events conducted by the Fire Department and Town throughout the year. These standbys are scheduled just as our shifts are, and those members that pick them up qualify for an additional incentive that is determined by the EMS administration. As a rule of thumb, any standby that lasts less then four hours usually pays 25 dollars, while standbys that last more than 4 hours up to 8 hours pay 50 dollars per shift. While you are on these details, you still qualify for the 10 dollar per transport bonus.

Holiday Bonus

From the hours of 0800 to 1600 Monday thru Friday, our Town has provided our department with positions within the town that are staffed with members who respond to ambulance calls. During holidays when these employees are off, additional shifts are added to our schedule that can be picked up by anyone. If the shifts fall on a holiday the incentive bonus is doubled (20 dollars per shift, 20 dollars per transport)